Cat a human by showing a collection of dogs:


-Look at the dog brothers, a.


-What do you have? a community of people.


-A collection of black and white people look good.


-Ee n 'olmuş?


-Listen to the Conversations!


Cut off the ear of the cat's order, rather than confronting the dog standing in the getirircesine people.


-Do you hear the dog brothers? Others simply because of skin color or religious people or class due to hate each other.


This idea completely stranger dogs and cats. They never had such a problem with yaşanmamıştı. What is before them what such a stupid problem with the yaşanacaktı after them.


-If God wanted to create the same people with the same mixing all the separations wouldn't necessarily.


He answered the dog cat startled.
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Dog: İ like pursuing the cats.


Cat: İ like fleing from dogs,too.Because it's very funny.


Köpeğin cümlesi:kedileri kovalamayı severim.


Kedinin cümlesi: ben de köpeklerden kaçmayı severim.Çünkü çok eğlenceli.

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