The winter past very harsh in 1921.Someone had to carry the munitions coming from İnebolu to the fronts.The self-sacrificingTurkish mothers were carrying munitions from İnebolu to Ankara despite the chilly cold.One of them was Şerife Bacı.It was snowing heavily and the night was coming with its colder hands.She covered the munitions in the oxen-driven carriage with her baby's blanket.

She hid litte child among the munitions.After a while she couldn't follow the others.While she was pushing the carriage with the oxen,the snow was tickening on the coverof the munitions.There was a deep silence in the air.She could only hear the noise of the carriage.The dark of the night was falling down as a thick curtain and she couldn't recognize the path and she couldn't follow the others.She was feeling very cold as she felt a deep sleep desire.She could reach at the quarters.

She got frozen before she delivered the munitions to the soldiers a few feet away.When the soldiers realized the carriage,they rushed to it.They met Şerife Bacı Iying frozen at the feet of the oxen.While they were running for her,they heard a baby was there crying.His mother was dead but he was alive.She could deliver the munitions.

türkçeye çevirisi doğru olması lazımm yardım edinnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




:) translateden çevir (cümle cümle)