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Provides much of the world enough for everyone's needs, but that is not enough to meet everyone's greed. "(Mahathma Gandhi)

The real wealth of a nation, measurable blanket of trees. (Richard St. Barbe Baker)

Nature of relationships between people in the crudely crudely become toplumlarada acts. (John Bennett

Until the nineteenth century, a never-ending challenging task of the human race and the environment against natural factors bodyguard. But I was born in this century, a new need: nature's protection. (Peter F. Drucker)

The earth is simply a supply tank and the litter box is not for mankind. That we ignore at the expense of the earth `s disaster continues and the Dynamics has its own requirements. (Mary Mellor)

However, the last tree cut, the last river poisoned and the last fish that you will understand after being held, people can not eat the money! "(An Indian tribe Cree proverb)

"Nature, left us a legacy of our grandfathers, not entrusted to leave to our grandchildren." (An Indian tribal chief in Seattle Duwanish

Community of nature as a resource to meet the needs of people to see the disappearance of the environment is a recipe for

People do not hear of responsibility towards nature. Korurlarsa of nature, fear of punishment or for the guarding required by menfatleri. "

* We also protects us from nature, nature retains.
* Everyone is healthy, well-balanced with a * is the right to live in a natural environment.
* Environmental pollution, affecting every minute of our life is healthy.
* Healthy lifestyle, healthy environment is.
* Tomorrow is created in nature today.
* If you look you will bond, is do not answer the mountain.
* Age cut, head cuts.