1. ______ car do you want to buy?   A) Who B) Which C) Where D) When 2. My father is ______ than your father!   A) strong B) stronger C) more strong D) strongest 3. ______ should I buy this one?   A) Who B) Why C) Whose D) Have 4. ______ the white phone cheaper than the black phone?   A) Are B) Does C) Is D) Do 5. Her computer is ______ than your computer.   A) bad B) worse C) more bad D) worst 6. ______ girl-friend is more beautiful?   A) Who B) Whose C) How D) How much 7. You can see the images on your computer's ______.   A) mouse B) case C) monitor D) keyboard 8. Motorcycle is ______ than bicycle.   A) good B) best C) more good D) better 9. This subject is ______ than your daily problems.   A) importanter B) important C) more important D) most important 10. You ______ spend your money on useful things.   A) should B) are C) does D) have