Sometimes it crosses the path of happiness and pain ...
Love, hatred, intrigue can beat the winner? Taşkıranlar a real family will be able to correct the problems and their Ilgazlar?
"Tulip Period" is not a term sequence. This name is a reference to the name of a metaphor and the main hero.
Shaped around the conflict between two families of our series, Anatolian, traditional, newly arrived works very well on their way to Istanbul from Kayseri (Tulip era living) radical with a family, a noble, but things go bad, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, Istanbul (the tulip Period ending) is a family full of love and passion, a story about the work-intersecting paths.
Taskiran Family: from Istanbul, noble, well-established, fashionable, cultured ... Dad works well with the death of Kemal Taşkıran'ın started to go bad, and on the brink of bankruptcy. To avoid compromising the survival of the mother and the life standarından "in whatever way each of" fighting.
Ilgaz Family: Kayseri, a little conservative traditions of the second generation in a more visionary, but still struggling with the first generation. Term period and the work they have produced outstanding achievements. Anne controlling, ambitious, traditionalist and conservative, family "knows" is doing everything to keep it.
This is because children love to meet and discuss the case of two families remain, adjustment problems experienced, and the tempo increases in business in the intersections. Families with children, love does not endorse the events start here.
What day running series of Tulip Era?: Sunday FOX TV - 16:00
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Construction year: 2010
Production company: Avsar Film
Directed by: John Long, Mary Girgin, Yasin behave
Scenario: Berfu Soner, Action Canpolat, Isil Sonmez Sarhan, Sema Ergenekon, Sebnem Çıtak
Producer: Sukru Avsar
Types: Family, Drama, Love

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