Soil pollution and its causes
Deterioration of soil properties of hazardous substances and waste released to the soil is called soil pollution. Soil pollution, cleaning as it is known the most difficult, and sometimes impossible to create a hazardous environment.

And all kinds of pet dander mowing activity wastes from slaughterhouses, the most important source of soil pollution. Unconscious of pesticides and fertilizers, high quality and first-class land for residential and industrial use, opening, accelerated soil pollution. Pesticides that contain too many chemicals (eg, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) has an important role in water and soil pollution. Made without knowing the structure of the soil, fertilizing and pesticides used in the fight against pests, more damaging to plants and creatures, such as using rain water for drinking and ground water contributes to water pollution pads intervene even dragged up to the sea. There are a lot of Soil Erosion, loss of arable land. No productive land due to the decline in agricultural production, quality degradation, vitamin deficiencies in the chain of the seas and rivers, as well as soil erosion carried by creating a blur in the water also affects the ecological balance.

Ağaçlandırılmaması good agricultural land and forests are cut and brought into the erosion causes a leak, it is also an indirect water pollution. In addition to these health problems are serious problems to live life to emerge. However, when you look at macro scales, caused by changes in the ways people quickly seen that surface.

Accumulated as a result of wear debris, is another factor that leads to soil degradation.

Of the industrial revolution and the regions to accelerate rapidly over the following changes have occurred.
• removal of vegetation
• misuse of lands open
• acceleration of emanations Ararsal
• acceleration of erosion
• rapid changes in flora and fauna

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