Computer, the children experience their orientations, speed adjustment, and helps you feel comfortable in their degree of difficulty to choose.


-Children a variety of gathering information skills (reading, writing, selection, classification, etc.). Allows to use.

-The computer is fascinating and engaging for the kids, collect and concentrate all the interest can be.

-Children, information about the computer increases, develop a more positive attitude towards technology. This also play an important role in the lives of their future.

-Good educational software, children's basic skills-reading, writing, such as helping to develop, as well as a high level of understanding of cause-and-effect relationship, the top-level problem-solving, creative thinking, as well as develop skills to be effective.

-Computers provides benefits for children with special status. Computers, hearing, speech, motor development issues is very useful for children who have problems have been observed. This type of computers, especially in children, can be adjusted according to the needs and functions of the rate, can benefit from the features to learn to be patient in waiting. Computers, such children develop their self-confidence and esteem, and makes it easy to integrate with the real world.


play games on the computer=bilgisayarda oyun oynayabiliriz

can do research on the computer=bilgisayarda araştırma yapabiliriz