Uzmanlar tarafından teker teker incelenmiş onaylı cevaplar, doğru ve güvenilir bilgileri içermektedir. Eodev içerisinde moderatörler tarafından kontrol edilmiş milyonlarca kaliteli cevap vardır ancak onaylanmış cevaplar mükemmel ötesidir.

It seems that Angela’s Legacy to Gilbert was, in a certain way, more than just the truth about a relationship with another man – it was also a whole life apart her marriage. In a way, she left to him the same he had been giving her during their life together – a sense of “alienation”. As he thought she was so fool, like a child, that she could not grasp things “that were much too difficult for her to understand!”, things that were “puzzling her poor little head”, she got so involved in issues that would even question her social position, her whole way of life, that she could even ponder escaping with a man that represented the belief in a great revolution, a revolution in her own life. If not to Egypt, to escape to somewhere else, far from all those “trifles” that had been her life with Gilbert.

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