Ebenezer scrooge and Jacob Marley had been partners for many years in London. And they were good friends. Marley died and schrooge worked alone for many years. Both names were written in front of the door when Marley was died because only money and business was important for Scrooge.Scrooge was very cold man an the mean time alone. Nobody say him hello, good morning, happy year or how are you in the street or in the office. But this was just he wanted One Chrıstmas eve Scrooge came into the office to control his clerk called Bob Crachit. Bob was working in the other small room with very bad conditions. He was wearing a thick coat because he had a small fire and the room was wery cold.İn the same evening Scrooge‘s nephew had visited him saying “Merry Christmas uncle! “God Bless you!” but he wasn’t satisfied about that and he spoke to his nephew unwillingly Scrooge said; “I lost one more year in my life, Chrıstmas means that, doesn’t it? And one spends lot’s of monet in this evening.On the contrary, nephew was wery happy about Christmas and he thought that was the day that people are more happy, merry and cheerful than the other days. And it is the day for peace and happiness.When they were speak eachoder, Bob agreed to nephew about Christmas ideas. But Scrooge menaced him to dissmiss if he speak any more word about Chiristmas.Two comfortable looking men came in to the office and they wanted to speak to Mr. Marley who was Scrooge‘s partner Scrooge told that he was dead seven years ago.I don’t want to help poor people because they are plenty of needy people on the ground . İf some of them dies or goes tothe prison it’s better for the others. And also I’m very unhappy too.Scrooge was very merry while the others were leaving from the office. He worked for a short time and he asked Bob whether he wants to take a break for tomrrow or not because the following day was Chrıstmas day time as is known.-“You will ask for a holiday for tomorrow, I suppose! Aren’t you” said Scrooge.-if you don’t mind replied Bob.Scrooge was not satisfied about such a situation but all the same he accepted to Bob’s offer. Bob was shocked because he thought the opposite. And he started to walk through the house as seen as possible.And than Scrooge stayed at the office for a short time and left from there. While he was walking through the door from garden he noticed that the knocker was not a knocker it was a a man’s head. İt was Marley’s head on the door instead of knocker Scrooge was afraid but he tired to seem calm. Suddenly knocker became original and had disappeared.Scroogehad seen Marley first time after he was dead and he was shocked and afraid. He opened the door and entered. First, he checked thwe house if some was inside. But then he went upstairs with a candle on his hand.After he checked all the room he saw the outstanding fireplace he sat down by the fire to eat his soup.The fireplace was an old one with hundreds of pictures on the tiles while he was watching the fireplace he saw Marley’s face on every tile. At the some time he noticed a bell on the other side of the room the bell was ringing all over the house and suddenly the bell stop ringing. And than he heard a sound as though somone was pulling chain down the stairs.First he did not care about the chin sounds but than a door below opened with a crash, and the noise started coming up the stairs.Scrooge started to afraid for a moment but after a short time he had seen Marley’s ghost. There was along chain which had money boxes, keys bank books and heavy purses on it. And it was looking straight through the Scrooge.Eventhough all these strange events Scrooge was triying to pretend that nothing was strange.-“What do you want? And who are you?” said Scrooge.-“I amJacob Marley.” Replied ghost.-“why did you come back.” Said Scrooge.- “The spirit of te people who does not help other people in his real life has to travel forever through the world after his dead.” Replied Marley’s ghost. “thats why we have to carry the chains andlessy.I suppose you have one chain yoo... said Marley “ I have been dead for seven years and I have been travelling on the wings of the wind constantly. Bana lütfen teşekkür et.