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Hi all;
My name is River full 5 years old. Schools in bold I'm going to kindergarten.
Like me at my school is growing rapidly.
Excited to come to school every day in the morning, waiting for a moment before the service
Meet me when I came to school teachers taking my shoes off the shelf, go inside and get dressed with my own. Breakfast in the corners of the playing educational games up until the time my class, what am I doing?
Ktapları, studying painting I'm doing, logigramla playing memory games, Play dough and I shape my dream toys.
Breakfast, washes hands with my friends, and my teacher reminds clock is approaching (line up) go into the queue. Then descend buffet breakfast in the dining hall Thank you sing.
After breakfast I would chat with my friends and my teachers. What to do at school today I want to tell you about what I did at home
One of the two teacher's class, I always speak English, you can understand it a little harder to come because I love English very learned that every day new games and new words in the English language is always there for me and my class oluyorum.Çünkü teacherım
Shares on that day is to learn from colleagues on issues and prepare the day program. Prepared in accordance with the program of its own that everyone has a responsibility in the classroom. We are all just a teacher, guiding us to fulfill the responsibilities.
Just talk to us to learn from our teachers teach new knowledge and concepts, as we see, and hear, and never forget what we have learned so We touch.

Some days, swimming teacher, swimming in a swimming pool belongs to us is only our school, teachers, crazy activities mud on some days we do is art lesson, but because I like the very drama class, using the imagination to go somewhere different roles hayallindeki enter relaxes me to express my feelings, Dance coursework pleasure of another, confusing olsumda notes, piano accompaniment singing makes me different.

Enjoy the sweet smells from the cafeteria while attending these courses had come to remind me to eat clock. We eat our lunch at 12.00. We comply with the rules of hygiene do the necessary pre-dinner and after dinner ..

After dinner, we play different games with our friends using our creativity. Then get out of the garden, water tarlamızdaki gives our fruit and vegetables, make the necessary care. Later, enjoy the garden with our friends when we got back çıkarırızSınıfa teachers are doing activities. This is sometimes the activities of families in the tiny theater room also shows our friends .. Time does exhibit, mothers and fathers would like to invite your school to join us.
We're breakfast in the afternoon afternoon 15:00. Mmm, smells like sweet nose aşçımızın wonderful cakes ..
After breakfast, my favorite time, because our class to play computer games concept eder.Bir me very happy to tell the happiness of my day ... 'Cause I've been living here a little difficult for me, I learn by living ......


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