talian cuisine is based on the historic old cultures. Etruscan, Romans, Phoenicians, Goths, Seasenler, Normans, Spaniards and Australians had a great influence in Italian cuisine. Said the Italian and French cuisine influenced by Western culture. According to legend, a famous Florentine family, Caterina De Medici princess to marry the Duke of Orléans in France, has led to the emergence of French cuisine. Catherine de Medici, going to France next to the butler and cook *** ürmüştür many. Chefs that cleans the kitchen and dining culture of primitive France French dynasty even taught to use cutlery and napkins. While it is accepted today that this story is true, why not say it is also possible to look closely at the Italian cuisine.French cuisine is the real impact on the West and the first written cook book published in Italy "De Honesta Voluptate" is.
Translated into French in 1505, published a book published in France in 1475. In this book, the master of Italian country cuisine in the recipe given to 240 of Maestro Martino. From manuscripts of Italian cuisine Martino 15 century seems to have started to form.
Since then, the book is written in Italian cuisine always been at the forefront of some agricultural products. Italy, its geographical location and climate, deeply influenced the culture of food. Mediterranean climate is dominant in Italy, wheat, grapes, wine, olives, olive oil, corn, rice, sugar beet, tobacco, soya, sunflower, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, pears, peaches, oranges, lemons, tangerines, such as herbal products are produced. Italy's most important agricultural production areas of the arms and the olive-growing, viniculture, fruit, citrus and nursery. Depending on the production of olive oil, wine and cheese, the most widely used and important traditions of the identified products.Indispensable taste extra virgin olive oil ...
Can be found in almost every part of Italy's olive trees. The winters are very cold and very high only seen a few in the area. Different in different climate and soil diversity has led to the production of olive oil. Olive oil consumption has become a necessity enjoyed it very much. Which is of great importance for the Italians in the kitchen olive color, smell, taste and quality is number one in the world. Never be considered a meal or a sauce of olive oil is used.
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