She plays basketball

he does'nt like coke. 

She doesn't read a book.

She writes an email.

Hasan reads story books every night.

She puts her books into the bag.

Ali drinks milk every morning.

He goes to school.

She does not go to Antalya every summer.

He does not look at his book.

en iyi cevap verir misin

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He gets up early. He washes his face. He wears his school uniforms then he has breakfast. He goes to school by bus. He arrives the school at 8,30. His lesson starts 9,00. Then he has lunch in the school cantine.His school finishes at 15,30 pm. He leaves his school and arrive his home at 14,00. He has a rest then watches T.V 1 hours.He has dinner 18,00 with his family. He does his homeworks. He plays games on his computer.
He reads book and goes to bed. 

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