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Those born under the sign of Leo and vibrant personalities known for their supreme i. There is no need for the lion speaks for itself. The lion king, leader. He did not even believe in the lives of others better than they might stage if they accept it, everything goes well

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Leos are like lions: energetic, free, and independent. Leos likes to get things done. They are excellent leaders because of their authoritative and confident character. They are very loyal to other people, even to their enemies. They like to socialize and give away presents. They like to buy fancy items. Leos like to get the attention of others. They can do many different jobs and learn easily. They always follow their principles so it is very unlikely to be surprised by a Leo. They also like children and are good entertainers. Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leos are optimist because of their strong confidence in themselves. Leos are good leaders, managers, performers and negotiators.
Leo attractions: Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo
Leo colors: ocher, golden
Leo stones: yellow topaz, ruby, tiger's eye
Leo plants: sunflower, lavender
Leo celebrities:Carlos Santana, Alfred Hitchcock, Amelia Earhart,

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