• Eodev Kullanıcısı
1. TENSE We use Simple Pr esent Tense to:  Talk about facts (something that exists or occurs) This jacket costs $85.00. I live in Ecuador.  Actions that happen again and again. (habits, regular occurences, customs, routines) Pedro watches TV every night. 2. TENSE •Add S to most verbs. •Add ES to verbs that end in: CH - O - S - SH - X - Z watchES – doES – kissES – washES – fixES - buzzES 3. TENSE TIME EXPRESSIONS •every day / month / year •once a day / week / month / year   •twice a day / week / month / year   •three times a day/week/month/year •in the morning / evening / afternoon •at night   •always/usually/often/sometimes/never •Today •on Monday/Thursday / etc •in July / August / etc 4. PRESENT PROGRESSIVETENSE We use Pr esent Pr og r essive / Continuous Tense to:  Talk about an action that is happening now. (at the moment of speaking)

Present simple ve present contınıous diye ikiye ayrılıyor