The Taliban were removed from power after the attacks of September 11, 2001. unfortunately, the Taliban in 2004, was re-organized resistance against the U.S. and its allies. Turned to guerrilla warfare, insurgency strengthened in 2009. They are still have bad rules, women were barred from working outside the home, precipitating a crisis in healthcare and education. Women were also prohibited from leaving their home without a male relative—those that did so risked being beaten, even shot, by officers All this, according to the Taliban, was to safeguard women and their honor . Today, they continue to be made over. We face every woman should have the freedom freedoms while they are exposed to persecution. Should be an end to it. The Taliban should not be forgotten that lasted for several years, for people who have been exposed to the Taliban should call a stop to it!! Burdaki ingilizce hatalarını düzeltebilirmisiniz?





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The taliban was re-organized resistance against in 2004
its değil his allies olmalı