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Edincikli Mehmet Er "Edincikli mermisinin-torn from a ball of Mehmet Er bloods in a piece of meat sarkmaktadır.Yalvarırcasına:


"What happens if we cut my arm, Sir!" Using his right hand and held by the drooping branches Minister Lieutenant frozen.Edincikli repeats with the sound of that single and Mehmet Er: "For the sake of Allah, for Allah is cut my arm!" This is like hearing the divine sentences eimr Lieutenant Saip, cutter Coke Cola hits.Gık Edincikli is a right hand break even, a future Cola, Mehmet. Allah! Allah!nidaları checks and erlere arm collided between the glass: "get This arm was sacrificed," he says.In the face of his head where there is nobody that Lieutenant parçalrından meat.Edincikli, Right, because buying began everything, shopping, deryalarında, pain, manifested in the former was washed and forgets the aspirations of arınırken, not the process of quitting lever evanescent body.He brought the fire, but in Firefox, it shrieks, edincikli this hellish under fire himself.In the case of a handful of requests, and craving burned, tüttü. Edincikli Mehmet, to get to God, for he will avenge his arm attack had joined the ranks of motherland.Alayların mingle into heads-up play, vuruşur.It is not possible to stop him now, it still shows on a one-to-one-to-one in dövüşür, the dövüşür, the dövüşür-to-face ... With the help of Allah haklamadığı kafir.But kaderden indispensable! I started to lower her arm to sluggish blood Edincikli gap. but he is now also the rank ekleniyordu the martyrdom.Pretty face faded, sarardı, crept out of skin ...Eyes closed to the world... "
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