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1: My best friend

Probably my best friend is one of my schoolmates. Her name is Marcela and we have known each other since we were 8 years old. If I were to describe how she looks, I would say she is very pretty. She has short brown hair, brown almond-shaped eyes, a small nose and a small pointed chin. She is not very tall but not short either and she is quite slim. She doesn’t like to dress up so I usually see her wearing jeans and a T-shirt or sweater.


My name is Yasemin and my surname is Doğan =  Adım Yasemin ve soyadım Doğan
I’m 21 years old =  21 yaşındayım
I was born in 1989 in Istanbul =  1989 yılında İstanbul’da doğdum
My fahter is a doctor and my mother is a housewife =  Babam doktor ve annem ev hanımı
I have a brother and a sister =  Bir erkek kardeşim ve bir kız kardeşim var
I’m a student at the university =  Üniversitede öğrenciyim
I like going out with my friends =  Arkadaşlarımla dışarı  çıkmayı  seviyorum
I don’t like eating vegetables =  Sebze yemeyi sevmiyorum
I have brown eyes and black hair =  Gözlerim kahverengi ve saçım siyah
I am not very tall =  Çok uzun boylu değilim

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