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On Sundays the workers and students for the holidays. On the weekend, especially the market gunui of the rope is pulled. Some weeks of the end of the inpatient and passes , some course work other what if I did, thinking :) This article, what did he think the potential is seen them a few I want to advise.

The market break, what is done is the subject of the two, I need to separate . “One of the season portion of what is done in the” other “season yazsa what is done”.

Usually the day of the market from the comfort of your “to-morrow noon until the whirling lie” is called, but lafta (Hours: 9 kalkilir and it is early to take off the border shall be “ulan business have kalkamiyorduk,tatildeyiz anyone calling woke up saying,” the day begins..

Now you will have a few things or should I thought of a few things...

Air profitable or yagmurluysa;

The internet hobby adopted as one whole day in the internet at the beginning of the grid. One of the valuable blog authors of the posts, reads the holy minus dictionary summer

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*I go to swim in the sea(denize giderim)

*I read a book at home(evde kitap okurum)

*I do my homework(ödevlerimi yaparım)

*benim cümlelerim.....:D

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