Ghost StoriesRosemary Border“Smee”Characters:Main Character: Tony Jackson- He was the man who suggested about playing Smee. But before playing Smee that Christmas Eve, he told them about the terrible experience he had five years ago.Jack Sangton- He was reggie´s father. He was the man who had counted thirteen people after they´d found Smee for first time, when they were twelve at the beginning of the game.Violet Sangston-He was Reggie´s mother. She felt an unpleasant thing in the air and a coldfinger seemed to touch them all after they had played smee for first time.Reggie Sangston. He suggested to play Smee five years before Jack told his experince to another friends at Christmas Eve too. Also he felt a hand over his arm when he was looking por Smee for the second time.Brenda Ford - She was the girl who had broken her neck when she was playing “Hide and Seek” ten years ago in Mrs. Gorman´s house (The same house where the Sangtons and Tony Jackson would play five years later).Mrs. Gorman: She was the owner of the odd house. Also she was the woman who thought that she was with Smee and Tony Jackson near the window on the firt floor.Setting:At Chritmas Eve, with the Sangstons in a strange house.Plot:It was Christmas Eve and Tony Jackson was having a good dinner with all of his friends. When they finished the dinner all were in the mood for fun and games, therefore, someone suggested to play Hide and Seek. Eveybody agreed, except Tony Jackson whose refusal was the only one. And he suggested to play Smee, but without him.It was uncommon that Tony refused to play a game, so one of his friends asked him why he would not play neither Hide and Seek, nor Smee.Tony told them that he wouldn´t play Hide and Seek, because ten years ago a girl who was playing Hide and Seek, had broken her neck, when she was going to hide in a room, but when she opened the door and entered, she fall down stairs and died instantaneouslly.So that everybody, said how terrible it should be for him to know that.But, said Tony, there´s something worse than it! And that´s the reason for I´m noyt going to play Smee. So he told them about his terrible experience of five years ago:There was Christmas Eve too and Tony Jackson was having dinner with the Sangstons and with other friends Ingludig Mrs Gorman, and an unknown cold and pale girl . After dinner they wanted to play something. So that, Reggie suggested to play Smee. Almost nobody knew what it was like. So Reggie explained the rules. He said that first of all someone should count all the players and have a sheet of paper for each one and just in one paper must be writen the word “Smee”. Then the papers had to be mixed and everyone should take a paper, and the person who had the paper with the word “Smee”, he/she should hide somewhere nobody could found her/him, but if the paper was in blank, he/she should try to find Smee. But the two most impotant rules were that all the game should be played with no lights and that Smee musn´tn answer to the other players if he/she was Smee.After Reggie told them all the rules, all agreed.So Reggie started to count all the players, they were thirteen including him. Then they made the papers and everyone took one. So the lights went off and the game started. After some minutes someone shouted that he had found Smee, then the others arrived and Jack started to count all, (...,eleven,twelve,thirteen) Thirteen! He said and then screamed, but at the beginning of the game I counted twelve!(...)Everybody was surprised whith the counting, when suddenly a loud scream listened, was violet Sangston, who said that she had had an uncomfortable something in the air, and a cold finger seemed to touch them all.After, they decided to play again Smee. But almost all weren´t enjoying the game, specially Tony Jackson, he played again wishing enjoy the next game.The play started and everybody were searching for Smee.