New York is more excitin than Seattle 
Boats are slower than planes. 
The Empire State binası özgürlük heykelinden daha uzundur.
Trains are faster than buses. 
Wool is warmer than cotton. 
My suitcase is heavier than your suitcase. 

Mary is older than John but Helen is the oldest.
That girl is the most beautiful girl in our scool. 
New York is the most exciting city in the USA
This is the best school in the city. 
Mount Ağrı is higher than Mount Uludağ but Everest is the highest in the world.

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umut is taller than yağmur

ayşe is older than ali 

selin is more beautiful than elif

my marks is better than your marks

desktop computers are more common than laptop computers

plasma TV is more expensive than LCD TV

sony is one of the best brands in the world

VCD is cheaper than DVD 

my mobile phone is worse than my sisters mobile phone

ADSL is the fastest dial up connection :=)

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