Brain is a doctor.He looks after sick people.He usually gets up at 6.00 o'clock.Today he is late,it is 6.30 amd he is still in bed.He usually goes to work by train but today he is driving to work.He arrives at work at 6.30 every morning but it is 7.30 now and he is still driving.It's 12.00,he is looking after his sick patients.It is half past seven now,Brian is watching TV.He usually,watches TV at half past seven because his fovorite programme starts at half past seven.Brian has his dinner at 8.30 everyday and he is having dinner now.It is 24.00 now Brain is going to bed.He always goes to bed at 24.00

Sorular(cevaplarını yazarmısınızı ingilizce tabikide)

1-)What does Brian do? 2-)What time does he usually get up?

3-)How does he usually go to work 4-)Why is he driving to work today?

5-)What time does he arrive at work everyday?

6-)When does he always have his luch?

7-)What is he doing at 12.00 today?

8-)Why does he usually watch TV at 7.30?

9-)What time does he go to bed? 10-)What time is he going to bed now?




1-)he looks after sıck people.

2-)he usually geta up at 6.00 o'clock.

3-)he usually go to work by traın.

4-)because he ıs late

5-)he arrıves at work at 6.30.


7-)he ıs lookıng after hıs sıck patıents.

8-)because hıs favorıte programme starts at 7.30

9-)he goes to bed at 24.00.

10-)he ıs goıng to bed at 24.00.

arada yanlışlar olablr kontrol et (6.sorunun cevabını metnde goremedm)