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Pascal (1623-1662) is an example of a genius manifested at a young age . Yet at the age of 12 , even though there is no knowledge of geometry apartments and starting to draw an equilateral triangle , the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles to itself found . Because the lawyer and very interested in mathematics and his father, his mastery of Latin and Greek, he does not want to be redirected to math , all math books , storing them banned Pascal deal with this sub
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Cahit Arf is a famous Turkish mathematician. He was born in 1910 in Selanik. When he was in fifth grades, his teacher encourage him to be interested in mathematics.When he was in high school, his family also noticed his ability in math,so they sent him to St Louis high school in Paris.He is sent to France to study university by government. After he completed his education in Ecole Normale Superiore, he went back to İstanbul and he worked as mathematics teacher in Galatasaray high school. Then he worked in Istanbul University as applicant to be associate professor. He went to Germany to study Phd and completed his education in 1938.His studies about algebra in Germany  are so important for all of the world. He came back to Turkey and he worked in Istanbul University as professor.He went to US to be guest lecturer in California University. He wanted to live in Turkey and He started to Middle East Technical University(ODTÜ). He retired in 1980.He helped foundation of TUBITAK(Science and technological research council of Turkey) and he became a chairperson of that council. Between 1983 and 1986 he was president of Turkish Mathematics Association. He received İnönü Award in 1943 and TUBITAK science award in 1974.He died in 1997 . His contribution for mathematics is so important.
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