Oscar Wilde

The famous Irish writer and poet, Oscar Wilde, October 16, 1854, in Dublin family, the second child was born. His father, the famous doctors William Wilde, his mother, Ireland's independence from the united kingdom in defending the revolutionary poems, drew attention to the author Jane Francesca Elgee.
Wilde the tip of the illegitimate, five-brother had. Itself three years younger sister Emily, yet ten-year-old's death, Wilde childhood is the most shocking event. The famous writer, a brother by the hair of a handful of omrunce carrying on a small envelope saklayacakti. 
Wilde study period a variety of scholarships that won achievements passed. 1874 in Oxford Magdalen College after graduating from the art critic started to work.
in 1878, Ravenna named the poem Newdigate Prize for a year, and then settled in London. in 1881, Poems (Poems), his first book was published.
In the same year, the aesthetic conferences to give the united States passed. Initially four months as planned fifty konferanslik set it took about a year and Kanada'dakilerle with Wilde, a period of nine months in the face over forty lecture. During this period, the American writer and poets, Henry Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Walt Whitman'la met, and a year later in New York, is being staged Vera game held.
In north America, the return of the three years I stayed in Paris. in 1883, the Duchess of Padua (Padova Duchess) named the game. in 1884, Constance Lloyd'la married. Within two years of the marriage of the two men to have children.
in 1887, the Woman's World Magazine, the editor of the assumed. In the same year, the World's Only True Hayaleti'ni (Canterville Ghost). Over the next six years, Wilde authorship of the life of the most productive was the period. Children's stories, consisting of two books, in 1890, is an American magazine published one novel Dorian Gray's Portrait, A Woman of No Importance (Junk of A Woman), An Ideal Husband (An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest (Seriously the Importance of Being called games in this period were published.
"Dorian Gray's Portrait", 1891, was turned into a book, and it contains homoerotik items, severe led to reactions. The same book, then Wilde determine the fate of the cases kanitmiscasina were used. However, during the same period, the post of the games great acclaim, and it is time for the most important game one of the authors of the world.
But again, everyone you love kills,
This is so known,
Whom hatred installed stares,makes
Some of endearment with a promise of kills,
A coward, a kiss,
Yureklisi sword, a sword to kill!
In some people the love of his youth, the kills,
Some lover yasliligina stores;
Some of the kills Desire hands,
Gold hands strangle some people:
Most of these top of the knife, because it uses the
Thus, the deaths quickly and thereby freezes. 
Oscar Wilde, in 1891, Norfolk Markisi'nin third son, a university student, Lord Alfred (Bosie Douglas)la met. Within a short time of the double four years, a love began to experience.
in 1895 Wilde, the son of itself, the relationship between approval and not to him in front of the public who insulted Queensberry Markisi'ni libel trial on charges that after a while, the case took it back. However Marki'nin Wilde against the lawsuit, the author of "gayritabii behavior,"from two years of penal carptirilmasiyla resulted. With the arrest house, located in everything 25 shilling note, as the cost of sold.
The author of the grandchildren of one of the words : 
"The kingdom, the age of the arrogant hypocrisy of the dare to challenge to the bright and angry, the life of twenty years of symbolic him person." in 1897 hukumlulugu during lover wrote in letters of At Profundis'i has compiled and in the same year, she was released. Life for the rest of Sebastian Melmoth taking its name from the various countries of Europe wandered aimlessly; meanwhile, the conviction passes the name of the place of carrying Reading Dungeon Baladi'ni published. 
Wilde, for a while, Alfred Douglas'la together again, if they came from, their unity is very brief. After the arrest of the old family names, one of which is "Holland"i surname as his wife, or children, taking migrated to Switzerland, and in 1898, there had been. Oscar Wilde, November 30, 1900 in Paris and the Pere Lachaise Cemetery and buried.

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