Looking for more space in our lives leads every day computer, a lot of positive contribution, as well as a range of health problems. These questions, as you can see quite often are able to significant economic losses in labor and. However, some measures are taken, these problems can be significantly reduced.
United States of America (USA), health according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer-related problems (recurrent intrusive trauma EAC) constitute 64% of work-related illnesses because of the applications requires spending $ 20 billion a year, but will also a reduction in the efficiency of the company.
Increasingly widespread use of computers around the world, the computer has on the agenda of the health of workers in establishing the health effects. Acknowledging these problems and musculoskeletal problems, the way thought, personality, social and spiritual. An impact on the situation
Seating positions tutunda, keyboard stands, where the brightness of the screen sit, chair, everything is important.
Ege University Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Professor at the Faculty. Dr. Jade Cherry, because of recent computer use is a significant increase in the number of pediatric patients admitted clinics rahatsızlanıp said. Jade Cherry, playing the computer game development disorders in children with developmental disabilities age, he said. Cherry, "recently came to our clinic rahatsızlanıp pediatric patients through the use of computers has reached a formidable size. Every month refers treated at our hospital for more than 20 children." He said.
Development of the computer is good for children, but that children play for hours fluctuations they cause discomfort, intonation permanent Jade Cherry, gave the following information: .. "The children were playing active games are used to recently sit move for hours in front of computer games instead of the computer game for a long time play leads to a reduction in peak bone mass because they are budding. This leads to breaks in the bones of the future . "