After the Armistice the difficulties, the country that had signed the agreement, the agreement is not required to comply with the conditions stipulated by the thought Various pretexts put forward the Allies (France, Britain and Italy) to the Navy came to Istanbul, City by the French, from Urfa and Maras by the British were occupied and Italian soldiers in Antalya and Konya, Samsun and British soldiers had MerzifonAlmost everywhere, the foreign officers, officials and agents were present Again, with the consent of the Allies on 15 May 1919 the Greek Army had come to Izmir
Under these difficult conditions, Mustafa Kemal decided to go to AnatoliaMay 16, 1919, "Bandirma" left Istanbul in a small boat named Mustafa Kemal to Anatolia during this trip will be planned to sink the ship of the enemy they had been warned But he was not afraid and he arrived in Samsun on May 19, 1919 Monday to set foot on Anatolian soil That date is determined by the start date of the Turkish War of Independence Also on this date as Mustafa Kemâl'in then chose his own birthday is the dateThus, a wave of national resistance occurred in Anatolia A motion was located in Erzurum in the east and Mustafa Kemal began to move quickly to head the entire organization In the summer of 1919 in Erzurum and Sivas Congress, a national contract with the declared national objectives
With foreign armies occupied Istanbul, Turkey Grand National Assembly on 23 April 1920 Mustafa Kemal opened the center in Ankara, so that new and established an interim government Founded on the same day Mustafa Kemal was appointed head of the Grand National Assembly The Greeks, Circassians Ethem uprising opportunity of knowing and in cooperation with him moved in the direction of Bursa and Eskisehir On January 10, 1921, enemy forces, the Commander of the Western Front, colonel Ismet Inonu and his troops were defeated by a very heavy On July 10, 1921 in Sakarya with five divisions of the Greeks launched a frontal attack From August 23 until September 13 as a continuous period after the Great Battle of Sakarya, the Greek Army was defeated and forced to retreat
After this battle, the Grand National Assembly gave Mustafa Kemâl'e titles of Ghazi and Marshal Mustafa Kemal decided to throw his enemies out of the country In the morning on August 26, 1922, ordered the army to launch attacks August 30, all wrapped in Dumlupınar enemy forces were either killed or captured Army Commander General of the enemy were taken prisoner Trikupis On September 9, 1922 the fleeing enemy forces who had been dumped into the sea near Izmir A military genius who has an extraordinary command of Mustafa Kemal and the Turkish forces invaded the home of the Allied Forces fighting against the Liberation War and in the end they won victories on all fronts
On July 24, 1923 with the signing of the Lausanne Treaty, all countries of the new Turkish State was recognized by Lastly, a new, strong and vigorous government had set up a On October 29, 1923, the new Turkish government declared that the administration of the Republic of shapeMustafa Kemal, the Republic was proclaimed, and after removing the caliphate, was elected as first President of the Republic of Turkey


Armistice Armistice a large portion of the territory of the country to resist the occupation by the Allied Powers of the Turkish nation started the name given to the war resulted in the establishment of the Republic of Turkey After the French Armistice Mütakeresi'nden London, Pozanti, Marash, Urfa, Antep and the British Merzifon, Samsun, Erzurum, Trabzon, Eskisehir and Izmit Italians Soke, Antalya and Konya to occupy their İzmer Yunanlarında May 15, 1919 to various parts of Anatolia, against the soldiers take off after the establishment of societies Müdafa'i Annexation Law and Denial of Mustafa Kemal set foot in Samsun on May 19, 1919 War of Independence was first adopted in Erzurum 15 days beginning 20th corps in Ankara corps Sivas'daki 3 focused around the corps Congress of Erzurum, Amasya Circular June 22, 1919 September 11, 1919 August 5, 1919 in Sivas kongresiyle completed preparations for the political front, the continuity of the resistance was established against the Greeks in western Anatolia, Mustafa Kemal performing forces in southern Anatolia, where support for taking action against the French Urcan, Malas, Saimbeyli, cocoon fall Urcan kurtarmamsını invasion, Malas, Taurus gates from being provided
Entente Powers to the Government of Sevres, Ottoman Ant And the Allied Powers for repression entering İmzalatabilmek bulunmuşlardı is that the occupation forces after the March 16, 1920 Istanbul, Anatolia, Istanbul Government to take action to eliminate the national forces, with Atatürk's friends çarptıran fatwas by removing the death penalty to be sent to the armed forces in Anatolia, and Anatolia leading to various parts of ayaklandırmalara provocative propaganda, the government established a new chairman on April 23, 1920 in Ankara, Mustafa Kemal viewed imposition The Ankara government on the one hand while pressing the internal rebellion, gangs on the one hand through the action carried out to organize national resistance and began to realize the establishment of a regular army units The Ottoman government imposed the Treaty of Sevres (August 19, 1920) describes the Ankara government does not recognize, by the way by performing the first of the military successes of the Eastern Anatolia to take action had defeated the armies of the past and Gyumri, Armenia signed a treaty of Batumi, Kars, Ardahan recaptured At that time, Thrace, and Bursa and the Aegean Region with aspects of the Greek troops had seized a large part of the progress 1 Inonu and 2 Was stopped by Turkish troops under the command of Colonel Ismet Inonu wars Substantially increases the confidence of the people and the success of Ankara, Ankara, European Countries and also affected attitudes to act in Anatolia by the western countries indicate that Turkey's future as a movement started to evaluate the regime In the meantime, the Greek government has declared general mobilization, establishing a large army, five divisions in order to get accurate results from the front, 6 divisions in the south wing has launched an attack towards Ankara

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