Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi [3] (Spanish spellings: [ljonel andɾes Mesi]; June 24, 1987, Rosario), the Argentine footballer. Barcelona midfielder player, striker and attacking midfielder regions are involved. It is regarded as one of the best soccer players of the active players. [4] [5] [6] Not yet 21, he was awarded the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year. [7] [8] [9] [10] [11 ] talent and playing style often compared to the simulated and the Argentine former football player Diego Maradona, Messi "successor" as i show. [12] [13]
Messi, the football team in the city of Rosario, Newell's Old Boys! 8-year-old began. In 2000, his family, and football to see Messi's growth hormone treatment eksiklilk moved to Barcelona, Spain to Barcelona to continue. For the first time wearing the uniform of Barcelona 2004-05 season, Messi won the title of youngest player ever to have scored in La Liga. Lived in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League 2005-06 season championship. El Clásico derby hat-trick in the 2006-07 season and 14 goals in 26 league games, throwing efficiently performed. Messi, the best season of his career was during the 2008-09 season. Scored 38 goals during the season and have won six trophies. 47 goals in all competitions during the 2009-10 season by throwing Ronaldo equaled the record. Broke the record 53 goals in the 2010-11 season.
Messi during his career five La Liga titles, three UEFA Champions League championships lived and scored two goals in the final match. All goals scored in the final match against Manchester United. 12 goals in the Champions League 2010-11 season by throwing Gerd Müller and Jean-Pierre Papin'in 3 times in a row, then the third player who was the top scorer. [14] On March 7, 2012 UEFA Champions League 2 round rematch fight, throwing more than 5 goals against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League footballer who won the title of most goals in a match on. [15] by taking two goals in the quarter-final second leg match against AC Milan in the Champions League, José Altafini'nin ( including the name of Champion Clubs' Cup) scored a season record of 14 Gollum had been equaled in [16], and the name of the Champions League in the 2002-03 season broke the record of 12 goals scorer Ruud van Nistelrooy. [17] Messi, the season completed 14 goals in the tournament as top scorer four times in a row in this tournament was the only player who managed to be the top scorer. [18] [19] The 2011-12 season, including 73 goals scored in all the tournaments and was also broke the world record. [20] In the same season, 50 goals in La Liga Cristiano Ronaldo scored 40 Goals in throwing ligt previous season had broken the record. [21]
Messi, the 2005 FIFA U-20 World Cup, including the final match was the top scorer with 6 goals. Shortly after the Argentina National Football Team began to wear uniform. Participated in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Argentina jersey and was second in the Copa America in 2007. Argentina won the Olympic gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics, then Takımı'yla. Eliminated in the quarter finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament in Argentina Messi completed three assists. Although the fight against the country hosted the 2011 Copa America in Argentina, has exited the tournament in the quarter finals. As of Date 09/12/2012 Gerd Müller has taken during a calendar year, equaled the record was 85 Gollum.