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What is the Example of digital quantity?

A digital quantity example is provided by any digital microprocessor display where a discrete number is provided and the actual...

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Who invented device drivers for computers?

A device driver creates a layer of abstraction between the hardware and the operating system. They were created by programmers...

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How are computers useful in daily life?

With ever increasing availability of more complex and dynamic operating systems, the primary use of a computer is only limited to...

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What is the full form of PDA computer?

Personal digital assistant is the full form of PDA computer

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Can you use two firewalls at the same time on my computer?

You can, but they would both fight to do the same job and this would cause problems. It is possible to have a software firewall...

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How can you connect a PC and laptop without a LAN card?

There are several possible ways to connect two computers without a LAN network (if you don't afford or want a USB connector). The...

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What are the components of a computer?

Historically, a computer is any device that can store and process data. Today it usually refers to an electronic device with...

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