mesaj at şimdi burada yazamma hemen at bend ebuluyum konun var mı fln 

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Life is a hard way to walk. On this way, friends hold our hands and do not let us fall down. That’s why choosing friend is very important. It is not easy to find real friends but once we find them keeping them is also important.

Most people do not apperceive the value of friendship. Friendship is not only having fun together. Real friends are always with us while we are having problems in our life. They try to help us and share our sorrow. Sometimes, we can need a friend just to sit in silence with us. Feeling him/her is just enough. These are the most valuable moments in our life.

One who has real friends can never be alone in life and his/her life gets better, meaningful and colorful with friends. I wish everyone to find the real friendship.

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