F) Choose the correct answer. (Doğru olan cevabı işaretleyiniz.) ‘’ 3 pts ’’ 1.If you study hard , you __________ the exam. a) pass b) will pass 2.They will go on a picnic if the weather ___________. a) won’t rain b) doesn’t rain 3.There will be ________ forests in the future. a) fewer b) less 4.Class A has 40 students. Class B has 30 students. Class A has ________ students. a) fewer b) more 5.A:Shall we watch television ? B:__________________ a) No, we don’t. b) I’m afraid, we can’t. 6.A:Shall we go shopping today? B:___________________. a) Yes, we do b) Yes , that’s a good idea




a veya b mi yazcaz acabaaaaaaaaaa


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