Fahrenheit 451 özeti : 

Uncertain future, special fireproof giysileriye ' in some houses, the firefighters held the hortumlarla homes of water instead of kerosene in their books yakarlar. This is one of the Firefighters ' task. A fireman who loves his job ' is a young girl, when she meets a Guy Montag, the day he never minds sorgulamadığı questions begin to wake up. Even people with how şeyledir can afford books of these books are yanmayı what? Montag now work, he begins to consider all of the other eye, and its match. The presence of a human being behind every book, books and duyumsar, because each book has created a human thinking. Montag enters houses to burn, then begins playing and developing as a result of the events in the book are illegal, sought a criminal State.  
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