HÜRREM SULTAN tabıkıde sormaya ne gerek varr kı

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  • Eodev Kullanıcısı

On August 12, 1983, the smallest and the second as the daughter of a family of four children Hesse Kassel, Germany Town Turkish father and a German mother was born. Advancing age and settled in Hamburg Schauspiel Studio Frese'de studied acting and theater. [2]
There are two older brothers and an older sister. [2] 173 cm tall, Meral Okay and named after the young actor auditions lasted for 8 months of 2011, he wrote the sequences produced by Timur Prosecutor, the "Great Century" series takes on the role Hürrem.
Uzerli, but also in Germany have played a role in many series, and an actor in many films. The youngest player in the German-speaking, but also know English very well. In english Magnificent Century series starring portrayal of today has evolved so that it is parallel Hürrem Sultan.
He also produced the screenplay for Timur, and after the death of Meral Okay-Sahin-Yilmaz's Magnificent Century wrote a series Hürrem to choose from all the players in Turkey agencies, among them elimination of all theater courses, players were selected. Uzerli, was the most suitable of them called to Germany and took on the role of Hürrem.
Hürrem in 2011 as best actress for the role twice, and once TV Stars Special Award. In 2012 was awarded Best Actress in Drama category.

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