I will call you later.  ı will study . ı will open the door.ı will go to school on foot.ı will read some things .ı will see you tomorrow.ı will write a letter for you later.ı will play volleyball  you will have a two children  you will  become a nice beatiful girl . ı am going to go to trip.ı am going to buy a new book.ı will send a e mail to my pen pal friend  ı am going to go to bed at 22 p.m o clock

I am going to be sick-I am not going to study-I am not going to sit down-I am going to see you soon-I am going to change my school-I'm going to open the door-I am going to give you a present now-am going to write the letter-I am noy going to learn Japanese next year-Am I going to study english?