A: Do you know your horoscope?  Burcunu biliyor musun?
B: No, I don’t know. How can I learn?  Hayır bilmiyorum. Nasıl öğrenebilirim?
A: Tell me your birthday, I will tell you your horoscope.  Bana doğum tarihini söyle, sana burcunu söyleyeceğim.
B: I was born in 6th of June.  Ben 6 Haziran’da doğdum.
A: So, your horoscope is Gemini.  O zaman senin burcun ikizler.
B: What is your horoscope?  Senin burcun ne peki?
A: Mine is Pisces. I was born in 1st of March.  Benimki balık. Ben 1 Mart’ta doğdum.

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burçtur emotional Libra Aries, the zodiac's first sign, therefore, represents new beginnings and birth. Aries person is a natural, instinctive, fresh, pure, and enjoy life to the structure. Thus, as a matter of construction, along with the people who worries that shyness is alien to him. Life is an exciting adventure means to them. Above all, they want to enjoy life in every aspect of life has to offer and catch.

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