Spor ile ilgili ingilizce diyalog Are You a Football Fan? Carrie : Are you a football fan? Hagrid : Yes, I go to the stadium whenever there’s a good game, and if I can’t buy a ticket, I watch the game on TV. Carrie : Is the ticket expensive? How much for one? Hagrid : I paid about $25 last time. Carrie : Okay. That’s not very expensive. Hagrid : Yeah. We can go together sometime. It’ll be fun! Carrie : Sure. Let me know when. Norman : I think Americans are crazy! Victor : What? Why do you think so? Norman : Well, they play football and they call it soccer. Victor : You guys play football and call it rugby! Norman : Well, your football is rugby, and your soccer is football. Victor : Norman, it’s America. We don’t follow the British rules. Norman : And I don’t understand baseball at all. Why is the bat like a stick? Have you ever seen a cricket bat? Victor : A cricket bat? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Norman : Why? Victor : A cricket can’t bat, it’s an insect! Norman : Oh Victor! (facepalm) You don’t know anything about sports in the rest of the world.