namik Kemal

Namik Kemal (b. December 21, 1840, Tekirdağ, d. December 2, 1888, Chios), one of the pioneers of Turkish nationalism, a member of Young Ottoman movement, a famous Turkish writer, journalist, statesman, poet.
Patriotism, liberty, the concepts of nation-connected intellectuals Tanzimat period. This idea of the concepts of life and literature of the Turkish people are considered threatening [1]. Exciting, combative personality, smooth, shiny style was recognized due to the transfer of more than the other authors [2]. "Country Poet" and the "Poet of Freedom" referred to as Namik Kemal, as well as poetry, criticism, biography, drama, fiction, history, and types of paper works gave. Turkish literature, especially the first literary novel, "intibah" and the first theater in the Western sense, which is the work of Turkish literature "Homeland Or Silistra" is renowned for. The Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the affected works and ideas.


Was born on December 21, 1840 in Tekirdağ. Yenişehirli his father, Mustafa Asim Bey and his mother's name was Fatima Zehra.
Tekirdağ Tokat Sheikh Hafiz Ali Riza Efendi lodge located in the vicinity of their home to him "John Abraham" gave its name [1]. Next to his mother's father passed his childhood Abdulatif Pasha. Abdulatif Pasha, Tekirdag (Tekfurdağ) Sanjak was the deputy governor; Afyonkarahisar, Afyon family moved to starboard is appointed. Zehra Fatma Hanim to her mother died in 1848 in Afyon [1]. Mehmet Kemal continued his life with his grandfather.
Due to various cities to act Abdulatif Pasha was unable to continue regular training. Took private lessons, and tried to cultivate the self. Learned Arabic and Persian. After working as an assistant governor of Afyon grandfather came to Istanbul with his family. There, after 3 months and 9 months Valide Sultan Bayezid Rüştiyesine School had the opportunity to continue [3]. His grandfather lived in Kars Kars 1.5 years due to his appointment as Governor. Syed Hamid Mehmet Efendi, a poet and a teacher Vaizzade Kars sofa learned literature. Hunting, shooting, javelin took courses [1]. Kars mission ended in 1854, he returned to Istanbul with his grandfather.
Bulgaria Plovdiv property manager of his father in 1855, mayor of Sofia with the fact that his grandfather went to Sofia. Major grandfather's friend, the poet who came to visit their homes in Sofia Ashraf Bey, after reading his poems, Mehmet Kemal printer, clerk anlamlarındaki "Namik" he called. After that day became known as Namik Kemal. Niche neighbors in Sofia, where he remained until the age of 18 Qadi Mustafa Efendi Ragip daughter was married to Lady Nesime [2]. They had two daughters named Farida and Ulviye and was born a son named Ali Ekrem.

Reforms of the most important ideas, art and politics is one of his men. "Society for the art" approach adopted. The art used as an instrument for the westernization of the society. Works aimed to write in plain language people can understand. Fancy-artful instead of plain text Divan literature, which aims to convey a particular idea has used a new prose. Punctuation marks used in the works. In his youth he wrote poems in the style of Divan Literature, after going to Europe adopted the new literature, and he has works on the road. Namik Kemal, the French literature of the sample taken, was influenced by romanticism. Poems of the former in terms of format, in terms of the subject is new. The country, the nation, like the themes of freedom. In addition, the kind of person struggling created poems. Theater "entertainment most useful" termed, such as school education of the public saw the scene in terms of language and technology has successful works.


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