Duyulurmuş.Küçük elder sister even had two brothers in other countries a wealth of subsistence snow next to his brother, little brother heat of the summer or in winter çalışırmış.Bir day lying in the shade of a tree and fell asleep for a little rest and foot nudging kalmış.Derken came to his brother's little brother is trying to awaken and on the other hand söyleniyormuş - "do not eat Çalışmayana no longer stand here slothful" utter disregard for demiş.Kardeşi once said;
- "Do you know Big Brother is a dream mansions in gardens of gördüm.Beb link is very rich and a bit more if I did uyandırmasaydın vardı.Keşke" in demiş.Ağabeyi;
- "You're dreaming them shall be admitted" demiş.Kardeşi these impressive replied loudly from the back;
- "I think we both rüyadayız, my dream ends when you open your eyes, you close the eyes in people over."

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