sayın idare okullumuzda ki temizlik memurlarının işleriniyerine getirrmemesinden dolayıbbu şikayeti size yazıyorum diye baslyabilirsin sevgiler ve saygılar


Problems with school children is important. School-related problems can have serious consequences. This results in time to be lost in handling. After a certain age the development of children's psychosocial impact of the school is too large. The school is also a problem in general, mental health and psychosocial development of the child's direct effect.

Children's mental capacities, personality structures, socio-economic and socio-cultural status of the family, the school, qualitative and quantitative characteristics, the attitude of teachers, school friends, features, etc. on the location of the school the child is obvious factors. And the problem with any one of these factors is seen as a problem of the child's school.

Timely detection and treatment of problems in school and learning performance loss minimizes the loss of the child's functioning. Although a certain level of intelligence progressive decrease in the success of course the most basic indicator of school problems. The child does not want to go to school in different excuses to say about the school, the family, complaining of physical symptoms, does not want to study, recently move away from friends, school, getting up to go to school in the morning forced the school to offer excuses not to go to an ordinary school and is an indication that some of the problems.

This condition can also be caused in some psychiatric illnesses. More psychiatric examination, diagnosis should be made with such a separator. The problem must be treated without delay. Family, school, or from the child's self-studied problem solved.

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