I saw a strange dream,In my dream my best friend Ali was dog and he want to ate me , ı ran, while he saw me, I was very afraid and ı fell the flor when e came front of me ı get up  


I had a dream one night.I was in a space. everywhere was white. I tried to understand what happened. At that moment I heard a voice. This sounds to me "password that will solve the problem and you can not get rid of said I password, how I will solve. This is what password I asked. O you too in different places I'll send if these places get rid of the out reach you if a word will be given these words at the memory you keep a sentence that would result. This is your salvation will . If the 4 days in the sentence can not find you in a fire at will said. Then myself in a forest I found. It was terrible. Surrounding the strange sounds were coming. Path How I would find. began to walk. a club I have seen and cottage I entered. was empty. some rest and I tell me that what I thought. I started to run out of the hut. I saw a tree, but this tree was very different. branches of this tree showed 2 different ways. select one of the road was moving. I was scared on the road too.I saw a sign at the end of the road. I have read that word in the signage. "" Thumbs up! I had found the right path. Again I heard a voice "You have succeeded elsewhere, but there are also waiting for you" sound off at the time I found myself in a place covered with snow. My clothes had changed.