7.sınıf ingilizce Hayatınızda teknolojinin önemi hakkında bilgi vermek ve cümleler bağlamak için 'çünkü' örnek kullanımı vermek 've', 'ama' ve.kendi cümlelerinizle bir metin yazın İNGİLİZCE OLSUN SAÇMA YAPANLARI ŞİKAYAET EDİCEM.




I wonder if the technology did not exist--think of how life once – it would be. If not, thanks to our State-of-the-art pişiremezdik had it not been for the refrigerator or oven cooker foods cold tutamazdık. These are very simple examples of everyday?. There is also varlardı over 20 years ago. But for us it is very important the tools.

today the best we want to give you another example of a mobile phone. Imagine if you had not been so free to mobile phone message sent to atacaktık. With our how to mesajlaşacaktık. They are a very important invention, a mobile phone since the technological tool. We also know the main goal of communications for mobile phones. Take your mobile phone message and talk first came out (I meant that communication.) we used to. But over time, it is very important to very important technological instruments or other features are also added. I like the way the camera, computer, audio recording Now that we have an additional camera, calculator, calendar, camera, need taşımamıza.

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