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Canada, Dominion of Canada, at the former name of the North American continent, the northernmost
country. 10th
of provinces and 3 territories, decentralized,
governed by a constitutional monarchy, constitutional monarchy or constitutional monarchy, absolute monarchs powers delegated management form part of the constitutional institutions and the parliament is called. In the last fifty two times of the Ottoman Empire was put in this form of government. The first of these, the first Constitution, and the second is referred to as the Second Constitutional Monarchy.
Tıklayınız.1867 on the link to read ... all in the Association established by the law of
federation. Covering almost half of the North American continent, in terms of land area


The second largest country in the world after the Russian Federation. east of
Atlantic Ocean, west

Pacific Ocean, north
Alaska and the Arctic Ocean, to the south are the United States. Okyunusundan Pacific Ocean, 5000 km length of the Atlantic, American-Canadian border to the north and has a length of up to 4480 km.

Canada's capital
Ottawa. A former French and British
colony of Canada, and
La Francophonie, and also depends on the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Canada is a country of a modern and technologically advanced and fossil fuel sources, nuclear power generation and hydro-electric power generation facilities generally self-sufficient in terms of energy. Traditionally high amounts of Economics
based on natural resources. Although most of the modern Canadian economy çeşitlenmişse the use of natural resources is still an important part of the regional economy.

its southern neighbor,
One-tenth of the United States of America, with a population of Canada is expected to be one-tenth of the economic power, in reality often exceeds this rate.



Vegetation and animals: Canada's climate depends very much on the soil and vegetation. Forest belt, the mouth of Mackenzie River on the southern shores of Hudson Bay and peninsula extends from Ungaua. Are found only on unproductive lands north of the belt in the southern tundra in the "Prairie" s all areas outside the forest.

This is all kinds of forests, wild animals and birds can be found. Live in the Arctic polar bears and musk oxen. Seas, seals, walrus and whales are. Further south deer, black and grizzly bears, wolves, foxes, beavers and other fur animals are seen.

Mine: Canada has a large underground riches just use direct. Of lube oil is the most important. Other minerals extracted from the nickel, iron, copper, zinc, gold, lead, and uranyumdur. Canadian nickel, which has long been the world's largest country.


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