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Every rainy season.
Part of the Eastern Black Sea region more rainfall in the autumn, at least in the spring rain falls. Annual rainfall 2000-2500 mm.
Department of rainfall in the fall of the Western Black Sea, the least precipitation falls in the spring. Annual rainfall 1000-1500 mm.
Department of the Central Black Sea is the most rainfall in the winter, at least, type of precipitation falls. Annual rainfall 1000-1200 mm.
The average days of snow in areas where the climate of the Black Sea 18 days.
The average annual temperature is 13-15 ° C..
6-7 ° C in the average temperature of the month of January.
The average temperature 21-23 ° C in July.
13-15 ° C. The annual temperature difference.
The natural vegetation is forest. The vegetation is deciduous broad-leaved forests in the lower regions in winter. Leaved and mixed forests are found with increasing elevation, vegetation changes. Coniferous forests and alpine meadows of the higher elevations as seen.


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