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Thomas Alva Edison (1847 - 1931)

American inventor who more than a thousand inventions.

Electric light bulb, phonograph, movies indispensable tools in daily life became the father of inventions, such as pointing device.

Edison started the first ten years of experiments, observations of the invention and is full of more than a thousand died back in 3400 had left the notebook.

Guglielmo Marconi (1874 - 1937)

Italian physicist and inventor. Developed the first successful system of wireless telegraphy.

For his work on short-wave radio communication made possible the development of modern publishing to the radio for a long-term, known as the father of radio

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The Invention of the compass

intervals after disappearing at sea, it was impossible to sustain it now and find your way based on empirical rules. Scientific technique had been forced to hit the head. The distance was too far to go in the world on a flat surface in the global shown. Therefore, as a last resort XVI of sailors. century used "Location round" shot to the head, is now located in the ship, were determined by the latitude and boylamlara.

For this reason, X. coming century, the Arabs used astrolabes; them bulunarak altitude of the stars were made roughly a latitude-longitude determination. However, errors in longitude calculations are made up to a few degrees, things mixed up. Sailors, it means they had remained in childhood, around the world not have the courage to move away from the coast. But, fortunately, had a compass in their hands.

"Compass": There is a Chinese invention more! Warm-up time dynasty (265-419), the Chinese magnet through a needle "South", I determined the. To take advantage of this feature, the needle 424'te "Cars Magnet" was held. This car, rotating around a vertical axis, a sculpture bore. Sculpture, which is hidden in the effect of a magnet always stood facing the south.

The Normans in the real inventors of the present invention is that the Chinese goods to them. They conquered 874'te Iceland, discovered Greenland, and in 1000, ie 932'de Kolomb'dan They had five hundred years ago-America foot. With a compass if they were not, how can they reach this extraordinary success, how to distances of thousands of miles of open sea dönebilirlerdi overcome and how they move the point?

Anyway, the first compass in France in 1200, has been mentioned. So, in 1207 was followed by the United Kingdom and Iceland 1213'te. There was a primitive structure of the compass at that time. The first major development was performed Pierre de Maricourt (1269). After a mile, the needle, it's a well-graded transparent and put it in a box. Thus, this tool becomes caliper sailors, can no longer provide effective guidance to them; unknown seas, opening and opening the era of great discoveries 

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