He graduated from High School in fidelity.
Art's life, "with forced" game began at the theater.
After working up to 1 year Kenter Theater Cabaret Theatre, took part in ostrich.
In 1973, a film directed by Ertem Eğilmez'in was transferred to the movies and began to take part in an ensemble film.

Turkish cinema, especially in typing''Cow''Saban, played lovers in the heart of many calm person who set up the throne, Kemal Sunal, from 7 to 70 and won the love of everyone. Kemal Sunal was born in Istanbul in 1944, graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication. ***** Art years as an amateur game with''forced''thrown Sunal Tabib, a period of time worked Ulvi Uraz and Ostrich Cabaret Theatre. Then, through the cinema, past some minor roles in films portrayed Kemal Sunal, after 1973 the ensemble had moderate success with comedy films.

Sunal, one of the greatest comedians of Turkish cinema, films, encircled by a row and won great success in commercial terms. ''The most successful male player in 1977 Antalya Film Festival award for''The Sunal, acting, and acting in comedy, especially in different tiplemesiyle Turkish cinema has brought a new breath. He married in 1974. Ali and Ezo names, one of the girls and the other two sons were born male. Films from the 1990s, started running on television without interruption, but he did not win any money from these impressions.

Prior to September 12 had left half the university, Marmara University Faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Cinema Bölümünü'nü graduated in 1995 and began to master. I can not forget! Throughout his life, took a total of 82 films. Died on July 3, 2000.
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