konya and istanbul are different from each other because istanbul  is bigger 

My COATH İS  SİMİLAR TO YOURS They are both green.

A lion is  similar to a tiger.They both live in the wild

Susan and Linda are twins but they are different from each other.

Alizard is Similar to a crocodile. they are both reptile.

A horse is different from a snake. They have got legs but snakes don't

Look!! this is my bag .İt's different from yours.your bag is green and smaller than mine.

Antalya is similar to adana 

Konya is different from rize bec. it is a very big city

The weather Trabzon is the same as the weather in giresun

David's shirt the same as Dustin 's 

People are different from animals bec. they can think .    

not : bec.== because demek teşekkür edersen svnrm

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