Career: She graduated from Ankara Cumhuriyet Lisesi and started swimming professionally for DSI. In 1982, she and her family moved to Istanbul. Avşar attended a beauty pageant organized by Bulvar magazine which she won. Later, the organization revoked her crown when it was discovered that she had been married for a brief period. In 1983, she debuted as an actress in the movie Haram. In the following years, she starred in over 70 films and won the best actress prize in the Moscow International Film Festival. In addition, she launched a singing career that saw a nation-wide concert tour, the release of 7 albums and 1 single to date. In 2000, Avşar won the best female singer award by Kral TV. That year, she wrote for Günaydın newspaper as a columnist. Avşar is currently the editor of Hülya (a monthly magazine). She plays tennis on an amateur basis and won a championship in the TED 2001 tennis tournament.
Personal life: Hülya Avşar is of Turkish descent on her mother’s side and of Kurdish descent on her father’s side. In 1982 Avşar married Mehmet Tecirli, an engineering student; however, they divorced shortly after once she became pregnant at the age of 16. Avşar married for a second time in 1997 to Kaya Çilingiroğlu which ended in divorce in 2005; they have one daughter named Zehra. She has also dated former 1987-88 European Golden Shoe football player Tanju Çolak and businessman Sadettin Saran between 2007-10.

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Ziynet Sali (Turkish pronunciation: [zijˈnet saˈli]) (born on April 29, 1975 in Cyprus) is aBritish-Turkish Cypriot singer famous in Cyprus and Turkey.[1]

Contents   [hide]  1 Biography 2 Discography 2.1 Albums 2.2 Singles 3 Chart positions 4 References 5 External links [edit]Biography

Ziynet was born in Cyprus on April 29, 1975 to Turkish Cypriot parents. Her father had been living in the United Kingdom since 1963 and had met her mother once he returned to his native Cyprus whilst he was on holiday.[1] They had three children, of which Ziynet was the only daughter.[1] Soon after she was born her family emigrated to theUnited Kingdom as a result of the Cyprus conflict; she holds both Cypriot and Britishcitizenship.[1] At the age of six years old she returned to Cyprus where she completed her primary, secondary and high school education. In 1994, she moved to Istanbul to study music at the Istanbul Technical University and graduated from the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1999.[2]

[edit]Discography [edit]Albums Ba-Ba (2001) Amman Kuzum (2004) Mor Yıllar (2006) Herkes Evine (2008) Rüya (2010) Bize Yeter (2010) sonsuz ol (2012) [edit]Singles Baba (2000) Yürek Yarali Büyüyor (2006) Amman Kuzzum (2006) Chiculata (2006) Zordur Oğlum (2007) Mor Yillar (2007) Herkes Evine (2008) Beş Çayı (2009) Hava Hoş (2009) Rüya (2010) Bize Yeter (2011) [edit]Chart positions AlbumSinglePeak chart positionsTurkey[3][4][5]Herkes Evine "Herkes Evine" 2 "Beş Çayı" 6 "Hava Hoş" 39 "Bizde Böyle" 6 Rüya "Rüya" 1 Bize Yeter "Bize Yeter" 4 [edit]References a b c d Hurriyet. "Kıbrıs'taki evde Rum ganimeti var". Retrieved 2011-01-28. ^ Ziynet Sali. "Biyografi". Retrieved 2011-01-28. ^ Billboard Türkiye Top 20 Listesi 27 Nisan 2009 tarihinde erişilmiştir. ^ Türkiye Airplay Chart 25 Ekim 2009 tarihinde erişilmiştir. ^ Nielsen Türkiye Single Listesi