e.g. You have to/must improve your English.
“____”___”___” join all the clubs.
“____”___”___” obey the rules.
“____”___”___” do your homework.
You mustn’t/can’t run in the corridors.
“_____”_______” cheat in the exam.
“_____”_______” make noise in the class.
You don’t have to/needn’t eat lunch at school.

d.Put the words into the correct order:
1.I have to get up early in the morning.
2.You must **ar your coat because it is very cold.
3.You mustn’t feed the animals at the zoo.
4.I can’t sit on the grass because it is **t.

e.Rewrite the sentences using the words in parentheses:
1.You aren’t allo**d to park here.
2.I don’t have to clean the car.
3.My brother has to find a job soon.
4. You mustn’t use mobile phones on the buses.
5. I don’t have to buy a new dress for my friend’s **dding.
6.Ypu mustn’t pick those flo**rs.
7.I needn’t go to school today because it is Saturday.

Sayfa 33:
1.People celebrate Mina Matsuri on 3rd March.
2.Mina Matsuri is an important day for young girls because they are entering into the adults’ world.
3.People are eating and drinking.
4.Gomokusushi is a kind of mixed sushi rice.
5.Girls are **aring smart dresses and beautiful shoes.

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