A. Write “some - any”
1. I need a hammer and _________nails. 
2. He does not want ________ help. 
3. There are ________sheep in the garden. 
4. Do you know ________famous people? 
5. They often invite ________ friends to their home. 
6. Do you have _______ idea what they are doing there? 
7. Charlie doesn't have _______pets. 
8. My little brother already knows ________ words in English. 
9. My mum doesn't speak ________ foreign languages. 
10. I have ________sweets for you.
11. Are there _______ apples in the basket?
12. Do you want _______ biscuits with your tea?



Answer Key: 

1 some 2 any 3 some 4 any 5 some 6 any 7 any 8 some 9 any 10 some 11 any 12 some

12 4 12

I’m going to buy some eggs(Birkaç tane yumurta alacağım)

There is some ice in the fridge(Buzdolabında biraz buz var)

We made some mistakes (Bazı yanlışlar yaptık)

She said something (Birşey söyledi)

I met someone(Birisiyle tanıştım)



 like to drink a lot of coffee. (Çok kahve içmekten hoşlanırım.)
There is lots of traffic in İstanbul. (İstanbul?da çok trafik var.)
There is a lot of work. (Çok iş var.)
He has lots of problems. (Çok problemi var.)
There are a lot of cars in the car park. (Araba parkında çok araba var.)
I want lots of apples. (Çok elma istiyorum.)



6 4 6