The conditions under which the Turkish Nation, the War of Independence, what impossibilities, poverty carried out in order to understand, and which defeated forces of the First World War "Turkish War", and it is necessary to know the breakdown of the Ottoman Empire. Because the Ottoman Empire during World War Russia, England, France, the great powers, such as the army, the navy and the inexhaustible human resources for a period of four years to the Caucasus, Canakkale, Iraq, Syria, Galicia, large facades and transportation impossibilities, such as Sina, poverty in the war. Cholera, typhus, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hunger, disease, and many more hundreds of thousands of people died.Unarmed, ammunition, drug, food, and at the end of four years, in spite of the difficulties of a thousand kinds of transportation had not occupied the Turkish homeland. This four-year war, the armies of the Ottoman Empire defeated the enemy, illness and bereavement. Here is also the Turkish War of Independence was made after the great destruction is of great importance. Because the Turkish War of Independence, the Greek-Turkish War never, not in front of us in Lausanne States joined the Allies against a war, a war against imperialism.Greek Empire, the Entente Powers were the only escapement.
Mobilization and the Ottoman Empire, the population of 1.7 million, but 15 million of 22 million km2, was able to rely on the land. July 21 1914 until the end of 1915 was 2.523 million people under arms. Later, this number reached 2.8 million. It is evident that in a rational way with mobilization of the country's productive forces were under arms, as soon as possible.
YEARS 1916-1918
At the end of 1915 the overall development of the war, did not give precise information about the outcome. European fronts passing through a large part of the war in the year of 1916. Turkey, in spite of all the difficulties and olanaksızlıklarına front Galicia Austria sent a force of 33 thousand to help.
Mentioned earlier that the Iraqi front, Kut-al Amare'de surrendered to the British.But Enver Pasha complied with the request of the Germans, the British ayırınca force for the Russian troops in Iran attack began in December. Canal Front at the Cemal Pasha, only if the attack failed two more times. The British captured the Sinai began to enter Syria. But the biggest loss was the Caucasian front. The Russians crossed the offensive, beginning in April 1916. Until September, Trabzon, Erzurum, Erzincan, Gümüşhane and seized. The absence of people suffering from the irresponsible and ignorant lost Sarikamis understood. 3 Weak permanent The army could not stand against the Russians. Under the command of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, 16 Corps of Mus and Bitlis saved a break. However, much could be done against Russian rule