'm a turk
i'm righteous
i'm hard working
my principle,
is to protect my minors
is to respect my my elders
is to love my country and my nation much more than my own self
my law,
is to rise, is to go forward.

o' supreme ataturk, the creator of our today,
i swear that i will walk non-stop
on the path you opened, on the target you pointed out
on the ideal you founded
let my existence be bestowed upon the turkish existence

happy is the one who calls himself a turk

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Our Ant Turku, truth, working hard, principles, kucuklerimi protect the elders count, homesick, too sevmektir.ulkum Ozum nation, to rise, advanced gitmektir.ey Great Ataturk! Started on the road, stopping to walk the objectives which the ant icerim.varligim, turk get armagan the presence of