she is very beautiful.

she is hard-working.

She is supportive.




Örnek Cümleler:

Paul is tall and slim with blonde hair. He's about twenty-five and is wearing a suit.

Mandy is in her thirties and is rather fat. She has dark, curly hair and is well-dressed.

Emma is middle-aged and is about 162 cm tall. She has short, wavy, blonde hair and wears glasses. She is slim and is wearing a dress.

Pamela is about twenty-four and is of average height. She has a good figure and has long, dark hair. She is wearing a jumper, jeans and a pair of boots.

Ken is middle-aged and is of average height. He is well-built with short, dark hair. He is wearing a suit.

Brian is an elderly man who is short and fat. He is bald and wears glasses. He is wearing a jacket.

Timothy is a teenager with short, curly, dark hair. He is about 160 cm tall and has freckles. He is wearing a jumper, jeans and a pair of trainers.

Caroline is about seventeen with short, blonde hair. She is very tall and thin and is wearing a short skirt and a blouse